Since September 11, the date to hear the Crypto Case against the Ban of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) on allowing Banks to provide services to the Crypto Services and Exchanges were getting delayed due to the extension of other cases, etc., in Supreme Court of India.

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On 23rd October the matter was listed again as item №20 before the court №8. And it was likely that the case to be listed the day after that again, as the Court was going to sit only till 1st half. Therefore the rest of the matter was adjourned.

But the latest and more hopeful update came on 25th of October.

The case was heard on Court №8 as item №19. Counsel for Union of India apprised that Committee is going to come up with a report on Crypto. Court has directed the Govt. to file Counter Affidavit within two weeks. Matter to be listed after two weeks now. (Source)

Now within some time (around November 2018), we can hopefully get at least a future date when a policy will be made on Crypto by the Govt. of India.