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ICO Analysis: K — Systems

Today we are going to look at the ICO: K Systems. This review was asked by Iurii Onyshchenko, the Project Manager of K Systems.

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K Systems is a registered, audited UK firm, building and deploying dApps for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries (AS/EN 9100 Quality Standards and CAD/CAM/CAE Parametric Blockchain-Based 3D Suites like K-ATIA), manufacturing the K Systems Supercomputer Series and providing ICO and Security services for startups.

Team: 2
Vision: 2
Product: 2


1. The website looks like an old-school

2. They indeed have a company registration in the UK which is created with the help of companiesmadesimple.com (Nothing wrong in that, this is just for information). The director and Person with Significant Control is Mickael Levy, the CEO of K-System.

Later, Oksana ROMANENKO was added as the Secretary and Ezio Fiki Hafana was added as the Director, who then changed his name to Fiki Hafana on Company House, UK.

According to Company House, they have no link to any other previous companies in the UK.

3. They say “Holders HODL, the value increases”, well I politely disagree. Just the holding part won’t increase the price; the demand should rise, and for that to rise, the product is to be worth it, or the service they provide.

4. There was an allegation by Maxim Dzinera ( Максим Дзинера ) that he was the marketing manager and was fired and not paid/refunded.


Source: KickICO

No input from the team was found on this. It was said in Kickico Campaign on K Systems, Comment Section.

5. Looking at the social media channels, it seems like they have a shallow activity by the community. Near to 1% or less from the total amount of followers/subscribers.

6. There are many Repository in their Github, but be sure to see how many are created by themselves, how many are forked and how many are being used at all.

7. From the present time as of writing this review, their roadmap contains only three more things, of which two are in this quarter. But the problematic one is their promise:

That the token will be listed on the main centralized and decentralized exchange. Do you have any agreed deal with any “main” exchange right now to list your token in this said period?

8. The team has some experience, though not much, at least according to their own Linkedin.

9. Many of the products they have are yet to be seen in the coming days.

Please let me know if you want to look at more parameters to be added to my analysis or want to give me some tips or want to correct me on my findings or even want to share some secret regarding the companies I would be writing in time.

The above was just an analysis for those who want to spend less time finding about any projects. But please don’t consider this as investment advice.

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