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ICO Analysis: Pension Rewards

Today we are going to review Pension Rewards. The rating request was directly from the CEO of Pension Rewards, Olawale Odejide

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Team: 2
Vision: 2
Product: 2

1. The Team has completed KYC in the ICOBench Platform

2. The Team has not much prior experience in the Business side though the CEO may have some freelancing experience.

3. The Vision is good, not great. Recently I rated a similar project with a slightly better team and preparation.

4. There are already similar products in the market (centralised) which are doing exceptionally well.

5. What can Pension Rewards offer, which Fiverr or Freelancer site can’t offer? Involvement of blockchain is not the big picture, using blockchain efficiently is.

6. And in time of dispute between the buyer and supplier, like the competitors, Pension Rewards also relay on the platform.

7. 30% of the fund from the ICO is allocated for Team/Miscellaneous. Sounds like a random number thrown on the Financials.

Compare the two?

Will the current users in the Freelancer market ditch the current platforms for a better price?

For Buyers, Pension Rewards would be a platform with fewer possibilities.

For Sellers, Pension Rewards would be a platform with fewer opportunities; they have to start from zero again to create a reputation, while they already have an established business in the competitor space.

Seems like a fierce battle to be in.

2 For team because they have completed the KYC
2 For product, but not for the prototype, but for the template they have used and the effort put forward for the customisation of the same.
2 Vision needs a lot more improvement.

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