India, one of the top country in Population, is still undecided about the stand they have to take regarding the legality of CryptoCurrency.

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Today, regarding the PIL, we got the update as another date for hearing for the same after two months from now. And till then, except wishing, praying and hoping, there is not much anyone can do about this.

The court has also decided that further similar cases to be directed to the SC (Supreme Court) itself so that there is no conflict of the verdict about this in different states.

One good thing about the hearing two months from now is that the court has requested the Attorney General of India as well to be present while hearing.

K K Venugopal (Attorney General Of India) | Source: Wikipedia

Those who don’t know, the current Attorney General Of India is K. K. Venugopal.

He has a protected Twitter Account, so don’t know how are his views towards this new technology.

Anyways, send him a follow request, let’s see if he accepts it.

The fate of India’s CryptoCurrency fans and users are now scheduled to be known on 20th July 2018 just ten days before the final date when banks have to pull the plug from supporting crypto businesses.

Will we get some more breathing air by extending the timeline? Will Crypto be banned from India? Will it be legalised?

It’s all matter of time! Our hopes are high, and we are hoping that we get a positive response from the Govt. of India towards CryptoCurrency and Blockchain Technology.