Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X: What is new about it?

Ledger, one of the most famous hardware wallet company in the industry, recently released their new flagship product called “Ledger Nano X“. The new product’s one of the main features is it’s Bluetooth connectivity with any mobile device which allows the ease of use.

“The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth® enabled secure device that stores your private keys”

They provide, quoting “State of the Art Security” through a secure element, which is the same as people have in their credit cards.

What is Secure Element?

A Secure Element is a secure chip that provides an extra layer of security compared to standard ones. It embeds intrinsic countermeasures against many known attacks. This kind of chip is tamper-resistant and protects your device to a range of different attacks.

Inside Ledger’s hardware wallets, they use the Secure Element to generate and store the private keys for your crypto assets.

The different kind of attacks from which secure element protects are:

  • Side-Channel Attack: a “Shazam” for power consumption
  • Fault Attacks: applying changes to the circuit while running
  • Software Attacks: learning what makes a device tick

A Secure Element is a highly advanced chip that mitigates a lot of different types of attacks. This cutting-edge chip, which is used in high-level security solutions, really sets Ledger apart as a top-end security solution for crypto assets.

Even with these, we have brilliant people out there which finds bug and vulnerability and based on their motive (White Hat / Black Hat) takes the steps forward what to do with it. If thought on an individual level, these people do help to protect these kinds of wallets further.

Bluetooth Connectivity

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The main feature difference between Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X is the ability of the latter to connect with a mobile device, increasing the ease of use. With each step taken towards ease of use is a big step towards crypto adoption.

Ledger manages to do this with their software “Ledger Live“. Currently Ledger Live is available to download for Windows, MacOS and Linux. And with a Ledger Nano X, users will be able to use it with your mobile.

To verify a transaction in Ledger Nano X, there are two buttons on either side. The user has to click both the buttons simultaneously to approve a transaction.

As always, Ledger Nano X supports Multicurrency, and as per their website, they provide support to over 1100+ cryptocurrencies. Half of them is because they support ethereum tokens. So, any Ethereum token can be stored in an Ethereum address. You can check all the supported crypto assets from Ledger in their Supported Crypto Assets page.

What do you think about the wallet? What will be a better feature in a hardware wallet? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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