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Current Occupation/Job/Work: Marketing Specialist, Advisor and Independent Consultant


Experience & Expertise

Now let’s talk about your experience and expertise

What is your field of expertise? And how many years of experience do you have in that field?
I specialize in Marketing and Business – I currently have about 11 years of overall experience in the field.

Any relevant experience in that expertise in the non-blockchain area?
Of the 11 years I’ve worked, a majority of that has been in the non-blockchain area, mainly because I feel it hasn’t been as much a buzzword as it is today. While I have worked in various industries, from media to finance, and we have touched upon aspects like AI, automation and security, it’s all mostly been non-blockchain related.

Right now, over the last year or so we have really been pushing to work with more blockchain companies and enterprises that can adopt and benefit from blockchain technology. In a nutshell, where I fit in is as an evangelist of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, helping companies and individuals understand how they can aid in the global adoption of more secure technology, and thereby how they can market themselves as brands and businesses that are ahead of the curve. This consists of both ICO as well as non-ICO ventures.

What is your educational background? How did you achieve this level of expertise?
I have a Masters in Global Marketing and Business from James Cook University out of Singapore. I don’t think the education was solely responsible for my expertise, however. That can be attributed more to getting involved in corporate work, and then choosing to venture out and consult and work with multiple companies across various industries.

What is your experience as an Advisor/Mentor/Entrepreneur? What is your suggestion to the young generation to achieve your level of success?
I’ve been an entrepreneur for a little over 3 years now, and an advisor and mentor for maybe 8-10 months, specifically in the blockchain business space. To someone looking to get started right now I’d say that competition is fiercer than it’s ever been before! It takes a lot more knowledge and struggle to be able to stay relevant in today’s atmosphere than it did maybe a few years ago. As an entrepreneur, every day is a struggle to stay even mildly relevant. One needs to be a subject matter expert, continually educate themselves and evolve to be able to grow. To most, I’d honestly advise them to stick to a corporate job. It’s far easier growing when you’re guided towards a direction. However, there is obviously great pleasure in being able to work for yourself, even if that means taking every moment available to better yourself, even when no one needs you to. In terms of reaching a phase where one can advise and consult companies, it’s all the more important to understand the unique facets of industry, enterprise, business and strategy. No good can come from doing anything solo if it’s for “the money”. It has to be for the love of something greater.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Let’s dig a bit deep.

When did you first heard about blockchain or cryptocurrency? What was your first impression of it?
I’d heard of cryptocurrency a few years ago – much later than I wish I’d heard of it. I had no opinions at the time, really. It was so new and took a while to understand, in terms of what it was and how it worked. When I did finally take the time to educate myself about it is when I began to realize how beneficial it could be for particular businesses specifically, and then on began to form my own strategies and opinions that I could further take to decision makers.

Which was the first cryptocurrency you bought after bitcoin? Why that one?
To date, except for smaller currencies that I have just accumulated over time, my go-to is still Ethereum. I am a major hodler, plus I feel like there is a greater purpose to what Bitcoin and Ethereum had set out to achieve – that has nowhere near been realized as yet. I want to see that happen and I want to be able to be there for the ride, which is why I still primarily only hold those major currencies. I think to truly be able to understand this one needs to have their skin in the game. And the beauty of a decentralized currency is that anyone can, at any level, and be along for that ride.

Which was the first blockchain or cryptocurrency company you have worked/founded? How was your experience there?
Well, technically my first experiences have always been through marketing agency work with numerous ICO clients. That’s where my experience has always been the most robust and exhilarating. Getting to simultaneously work with multiple clients across multiple industries and geographies really does throw you into the deep end. Post that I have been on the core team of a few, and had co-founded one that unfortunately I had to step out of due to some differences. I think the main learning from the experience of founding a company is that the only way one can make one a success is to distance themselves from the terms we throw around and focus on the business at hand. If the business is not sound and the finances do not mirror how a company set up in the 1950s would look like then in all likelihood there’s going to be a major sustainability issue and you’re going to see problems with their leadership being involved for the wrong reasons.

Any personal favourite blockchain company or cryptocurrency? Why?
Blockchain company wise, I don’t think this counts yet, but I’m really interested to see what companies like AMEX can do with blockchain and how the technology can help major financial institutions evolve. In terms of crypto, my usual favorite is still Ethereum. While Bitcoin still scares people, for some reason Eth doesn’t as much. And as someone who promotes adoption and purchase of crypto, I find it easier promoting that to non-holders of cryptocurrency. And, again, there’s still so much untapped potential and un-achieved purpose, that I want to see that through before maybe finding something new to jump on to.

What advice would you give a person who is rekt and may likely leave the blockchain and crypto world due to losses?
If someone is rekt, then it usually means that they were in it initially only for the gains – therefore probably have not bothered with crucial research and probably bought a bunch of bad coins. I don’t know if that’s good for the industry in itself, honestly. But to each their own. My advice generally is that the technology isn’t going anywhere, and if you really want to buy, buy into something that’s going to be adopted. Look at the industry and the disruption it can cause. If not, just buy the regular, bigger currencies, even if they seem like they’re more expensive and peaking temporarily. Also… STOP SELLING!!!! 🙂

Which country are you from? And how is blockchain & crypto doing in there from a legal point of view?
India – Blockchain, not too bad. It is definitely being explored at both government and enterprise levels. Crypto is still a grey area unfortunately, but every time there’s a hit to it more and more people come out to fight it, which is good. Hopefully we fighters win one day soon.

What is the best achievement you had in the Crypto/Blockchain World?
I think being part of so many diverse and incredible teams and communities is an achievement, not specific to anything, but at a professional as well as personal level, not a lot of things in life give us this opportunity, and it’s pretty great. Of course, there are swings both ways and there have been successes overall, but being a part of these communities is still a highlight for me.

Any quotes to live by?
One sounds nice – “We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality.” by Iris Murdoch

Another I recently came across is quite interesting as well, by Anthony Foxx – “Whether you live in a city or a small town, and whether you drive a car, take the bus or ride a train, at some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian.”

I think both are quite relevant to this space and the times we live in as well. 🙂

Any message you want to share with the crypto community?
Just that it’s still the tip of the iceberg! There’s so, so much work left to do. So keep doing what you’re doing, because we’re getting there. To people who still look at the crypto world in fear, just buy! The technology is here to stay. So there’s no reason to be afraid. It’ll all come together one day.

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