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People Of Blockchain: Paul Mears

Today we are going to know more about Paul Mears

Current Occupation/Job/Work: Entrepreneur


Experience & Expertise

Now let’s talk about your experience and expertise

What is your field of expertise? And how many years of experience do you have in that field?
30 years qualified as a UK Chartered Accountant

Any relevant experience in that expertise in the non-blockchain area?
Worked with several token offerings and also been a business angel in 18 companies

What is your educational background? How did you achieve this level of expertise?
Pure mathematics degree and qualified chartered accountant

What is your experience as an Advisor/Mentor/Entrepreneur? What is your suggestion to the young generation to achieve your level of success?
Angel investor in many startups, mentor at IUM in Monaco to students. Be creative, know who your customer is and why they would use and buy your product. The secure home market first

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Let’s dig a bit deep.

When did you first heard about blockchain or cryptocurrency? What was your first impression of it?
At university in the 1980s studied prime number theory and cryptography. Got involved more in blockchain in 2016 or so

Which was the first cryptocurrency you bought after bitcoin? Why that one?
Humaniq, use case

Which was the first blockchain or cryptocurrency company you have worked/founded? How was your experience there?
Humaniq, good, early stage in the space with real use case

Any personal favourite blockchain company or cryptocurrency? Why?
Wala, real use case, Steller, suits real use cases

What advice would you give a person who is rekt and may likely leave the blockchain and crypto world due to losses?
The blockchain is not crypto, blockchain is a solution, you do not need crypto to use the blockchain

Which country are you from? And how is blockchain & crypto doing in there from a legal point of view?
Was Monaco and now Hong Kong. Monaco reluctant due to reputational risk, Hong Kong not great, investors are still very equity and fintech driven

What is the best achievement you had in the Crypto/Blockchain World?
Hedged a lot of crypto before the bear markets

Any quotes to live by?
A large number of impressions, reach, fans and members of Telegram don’t pay the bar bill on a Friday night, who is the customer and what are they telling you

Any message you want to share with the crypto community?
Rome wasn’t built in a day

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