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Telegram Users Beware!

Telegram is one of the most used chat services in the ICO Field. And where there is volume like that, the presence of scams are inevitable.

But, getting scammed or not is a choice you have to make. And that choice comes from attention and being vigilant.

I am right now working as the Indian Ambassador of Midex. Last night when I went to sleep, everything was fine. Little did I knew that in the morning, it is all going to be a mess.

When I woke up and started catching up with my daily notifications, I saw that in the Official Telegram Group of Midex there was a conversation about me.

I thought it was something related to India, and they need their Indian Ambassador. When I opened it, I saw that I was being accused of asking for money or something from the members.

I was honestly shocked!

The person who was contacted sends a screenshot as:

Source: Midex Telegram Group

My Telegram Username is @remedcu

As I know that it was not me, I quickly started to check the screenshot, and saw what that smart scammer did!

Did you get it?

The scammer used my username in place of “bio”.

So, any user who wants to confirm usually looks the name & username of the admin in the group and then verifies that information with the profile from which the user got the message.

But what is the problem here?

The problem is our human brain. Our brain tries to find only the “name” and “username” and sometimes ignores the fact that “under what it is written”.

In this case, what may have happened is, the user who was contacted just checked my username and name, and as he saw my username under bio, he figured out that I was the same person.

Why I wrote this is to warn every user that, to check all the details before you take a decision when it comes to trusting a person with your hard earned money!

Some of the things you should consider checking are:

  • Verify that the username of the person is the same as the one in the group/channel
  • If the person started the conversation, check his/her username against his qualification or designation
  • Always verify if the user has the authority to make a deal like that
  • Never pay money directly to a wallet address provided in the Telegram chat. If it is an admin of a project, and you believe in that project, then it’s okay. But still, there are risks involved depending on the project.
  • Check the username in the username place itself, and not in bio or description
  • Verify his/her details on at least one or more websites. Like if he claims to be a person from the team, ask him to prove that he is in the team indeed (website listing, etc.). Also, check if that user in Telegram is the same as that person listed. Another way to check is through social media. Check if the designations in both are the same.
  • Before going forward with a deal, just to be confirmed, ask in the group again if that username (copy it from that person’s profile, rather than typing it) is authorized to do it. Better safe than sorry.
  • Always check the username carefully if it contains letters like “I” and “l” or “0” or “O”, which looks similar.

These are some of the things which you should be aware of while indulging in deals like these or trying to buy in discounts.

Do your due diligence and spend some time researching rather than jumping into an opportunity without knowing the consequences.

Hope you be safe and share this article with people whom you care.

Published by Shebin John

An engineer by Profession, Marketer by Choice and Investor by Passion. Computer Science Engineer who loves to spend time learning new things, technologies, and frameworks.