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Virginia, USA-Based Pension Funds Invest in Crypto

Seems fairly legitimate; the institutions aren’t investing into cryptocurrencies per se but into the investment funds shares. So, it is reasonable to have a small proportion of digital assets in the portfolio: the risks are minimized (the ratio ‘traditional vs digital assets’ is definitely in favour of the first), but the prospects could be promising.

GMO Internet, Coinbase and Nasdaq major updates

GMO Internet published its fiscal report. The losses came up to $11.75 mln, while the growth rate exceeded record-breaking 20%

Coinbase is heading for global growth; the exchange considers countries with emerging economies and is to start working within the Japanese regulatory framework

There will be two more indexes introduced by Brave New Coin on Nasdaq soon

World’s Fifth-Largest Bank Looks to Launch Blockchain Payments in 2020

Those keeping tabs on the banking sector will know that several important banks have previously expressed interest in blockchain technology. Now, however, the world’s fifth-largest bank is making some waves after starting it will deploy a blockchain payment network in 2020. Specifically, this news comes from a recent press release, published on February 12th. The bank in question is the Japanese ”Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group” (MUFG), and they have joined forces with the US content delivery and cloud service provider Akamai on this particular project.

Experts Optimistic about Bitcoin Rise Despite Recent Fall

Bitcoin kicked-off the New Year on a buoyant note promising good stability in the coming months. The rise in crypto trading of late is one of the main reasons behind BTC’s recovery in the early quarter of 2019, despite a bearish market last year. BTC is increasingly accepted as a significant payment solution of late which is a significant factor behind its rise. Casinos are one among the first ones to adopt Bitcoin as payment. You can check out a virgin casino promo code to avail lucrative casino discounts. Other significant industries like travel, gourmet, tech etc. have also started accepting BTC and other crypto payments.

Billionaire: Cryptocurrency Bear Market Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin

Zhao Dong is one of China’s most influential bitcoin billionaires and holds a substantial stake in the exchange Bitfinex. He has stated that the bear market is the best time to buy bitcoin and that the market will turn in 2020. Dong revealed that the cryptocurrency summer would not come until 2021. He shared his opinion in a public chat in local messenger WeChat. The cryptocurrency news outlet 8BTC shared the statement with the world. We are currently in the longest crypto bear market of all time. However, Dong argues that we need to wait a while longer since the bear market will last throughout 2019.

Self-Proclaimed ‘Satoshi’ Responds to Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit

The man who claims to have invented Bitcoin, Craig Wright, is being sued in Florida for roughly $10 billion or 1.1 million BTC. Last December Florida district Judge Beth Bloom denied Wright’s motion to dismiss the billion-dollar lawsuit against him. Now Wright has responded to the complaints, and most of his responses assert that he lacks knowledge or information sufficient to answer the allegations.

Indonesia’s Futures Regulator Issues New Rules for Crypto Assets

Indonesia’s Futures Exchange Supervisory Board (Bappebti) has announced new regulations on the implementation of physical markets for crypto assets in futures trading. The rules focus on good governance for cryptocurrency tradèrs, legal certainty and consumer protection. They will also require the regulator to establish a physical market for futures trading in virtual currencies.

Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allowed to Reopen

Digital asset exchange Cryptopia has been given the green light to open again after New Zealand police announced they have almost completed their investigation at its offices. The crypto trading platform suffered a security breach last month when, according to one estimate, as much as $16 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen.

Venezuela’s Volumes Hit Record Highs as Crypto Regulations Commence

As Venezuela begins regulating cryptocurrency, BTC trading volumes in the country hit record highs on several exchanges. Amid fast-growing crypto adoption, peer-to-peer trading platforms such as Localbitcoins and Paxful have reported significant increases in the number of BTC traded in Venezuela.

Report Claims 85% of the Monero Network Dominated by ASIC Miners

Over the last few years, specific cryptocurrency networks have tried to block ASIC mining with many fruitless attempts to forge ASIC-resistant protocols. Multiple cryptocurrency developers have attempted to brick ASIC miners, but with scant success. A perfect example is the privacy-centric digital currency Monero, a project that has tried to fork the software multiple times to gain ASIC resistance. Monero developers have once again failed in that respect as a recent analysis shows ASICs currently dominate more than 85 per cent of the Monero network.