17 Feb 2019

Texploxe Daily: 17th February 2019

The top news in the last 24 hours are shown below:

Cardano Founder Makes an Impassioned Plea Defending the Peer Review Process for Cryptography and Blockchain

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, took to YouTube to provide a rebuttal against Reddit comments undermining the benefits of peer-reviewed work especially that of cryptography and blockchain technology. He argues that it is essential that blockchain technology should have the same level of scientific scrutiny that other academic disciplines use because the stakes are high when you are dealing with trillions of dollars and creating a new financial system. In his monologue he states that “I see this as a common thread throughout the cryptocurrency space…. the constant question, why is peer review necessary? Or does peer review actually give good results?…or it’s not a legitimate way of resolving debate.”

Report Shows How Facebook Creeps on Ex-Employees and Users

A recent report released by CNBC shows that Facebook makes use of its app to discover and handle perceived threats. In the statement, more than ten ex-Facebook employees described details surrounding how the social media giant gathers intel. These former employees shared that Facebook tracks those it views as a threat to its offices or staff. A “BOLO” or “Be On the Lookout” is put out to alert current employees of potential malcontents.

Crypto Exchange Coinmama Hacked, 450,000 Users Details Compromised

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Coinmama, experienced a breach in security on Friday, February 15th. The brokerage has more than 1.3 million users worldwide and shared that information for more than 450,000 accounts was leaked. Over 24 websites and nearly 747 million records were impacted by the global hack. Coinmama released its official statement saying, “Today, February 15, 2019, Coinmama was informed of a list of emails and hashed passwords that were posted on the dark web registry. Our Security Team is investigating, and based on the information at hand, we believe the intrusion is limited to about 450,000 email addresses and hashed passwords of users who registered until August 5th, 2017.”

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are a Trojan Horse for Bitcoin

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and Bitcoin could scarcely be more different. One is permission, the other permissionless; one centralized, the other decentralized; one is censorable, the other censorship-resistant. Despite their dissimilarities, CBDCs might be the best driver yet for Bitcoin adoption.

Mobile Gifting Platform Swych Announces Cryptocurrency Support

On Feb. 15, the Dallas-based mobile gifting company Swych announced it would be accepting cryptocurrencies for payments. Starting next week, instead of using traditional payment processors, Swych users will be able to pay using decentralized digital assets such as BCH, LTC, ETH, BTC and ETC.

Post Office in Liechtenstein Now Sells BTC

The government-owned post office in Liechtenstein has begun offering a cryptocurrency exchange service. Initially, the post office in the capital city of Vaduz will sell BTC, with four more cryptocurrencies planned. The service is in partnership with Zug-based Värdex Suisse, the operator of “the largest crypto ATM network in Switzerland.”

RSK Sidechain Is Now Secured by 45% of BTC’s Hashrate

On Feb. 14, the cryptocurrency infrastructure organization led by RSK Labs announced the first anniversary of the RSK network and highlighted several notable achievements. Over the last 12 months, the project’s merge mining has managed to gather 45 per cent of the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network hashrate, making the RSK smart contract system more secure than most blockchains.


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