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The Infamous Bet: John McAfee’s 2020 Price Target Shows BTC Undervalued by $37K

John McAfee is once again discussing the notorious wager he made back in November 2017 when he predicted that bitcoin would reach a million dollars before the end of 2020. McAfee is reportedly on the run from the IRS, but his worries don’t end there: according to statistics, his bet is currently $37,000 light of reaching its $1 million per bitcoin target.

US ETF Ruling to Inform South Korean Cryptocurrency Market

Local media has reported that a South Korean exchange is waiting for regulators in the United States to make a ruling regarding the highly anticipated Vaneck cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) before determining its stance about virtual currency ETFs.

Kenyan Crypto Adoption and Trading Grows Despite Warnings from Regulators

Over the last two years, the Kenyan government and central bank have been discussing how to regulate bitcoin and other digital currencies. In March 2018, the Central Bank of Kenya warned the general public about cryptocurrency investments. After those warnings, the region’s Capital Markets Authority (CMA) cautioned the public again after investigating a project called kenicoin. Even though financial regulators are dressing down digital currencies, Kenyan merchants and traders in the region are still flocking toward the crypto asset economy.

German Derivatives Exchange Rumored to Be Launching Crypto Futures

Eurex, a derivatives exchange that is operated by German exchange organization Deutsche Börse, has announced its intention to launch several crypto futures contracts. The company is reportedly planning to introduce contracts for BTC, ETH, and XRP.

Markets Update: Leading Cryptocurrencies Briefly Break Local Resistance

The cryptocurrency markets have seen significant volatility over the last 24 hours, with BTC rallying by 7% to test resistance at $4,200, before violently crashing approximately 10% back below $3,800. BCH has posted comparable volatility, currently trading for $135 after rallying above $150 for the first time since Jan. 10 earlier today.

Japenese Exchange Given Greenlight to Operate Four Cryptocurrency Businesses

The government of Thailand has given four licenses to a new cryptocurrency platform. Before, only exchanges which had already been in business in Thailand were issued licenses. This initial license provided to Bitherb is a new exchange which is part of Bitpoint, a regulated Japanese exchange.

Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick Announces Institutional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

A family-run bank in Liechtenstein has now announced that it intends to launch an institutional cryptocurrency trading platform subsidiary. The financial institution, Bank Frick, intends to use the subsidiary to “build on its pioneering role in the area of blockchain banking.”

Google Cloud Adds Enterprise-Focused Ontology’s Development Platform

The development software of corporate-oriented cryptocurrency Ontology (ONT) has been added to the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, a Medium post from Ontology revealed on Feb. 23. The newly supported software, called ont_dev_Platform, is a set of tools for developing smart contracts on Ontology’s blockchain. The DApp product includes a block explorer, a smart contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE), SmartX, and an Ontology test environment.