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Texploxe Daily: 5th March 2019

The top news in the last 24 hours are shown below:

Solve.Care leverages Lyft to improve access to medical care with first-of-its-kind blockchain and ridesharing service integration

Solve.Care announces managed transportation solution that will give patients and providers more options and control over non-emergency medical transportation. Solve.Care, a global healthcare IT company that’s developed a blockchain platform for coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare, today announced the integration with Lyft, whose mission is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. The integrated solution will empower Solve.Care wallet holders with greater access and control over healthcare related transportation.

Mayday, Mayday: London Bitcoin Investor Crashes Lamborghini

According to a report from ABC News from Australia, a purple-esque Lamborghini Huracan, owned by a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, was found in a ditch near London last week. They claim that the car, valued at a cool $500,000 U.S., was discovered by Andrew Laurence, a local photographer & videographer, in one of London’s northern boroughs not 72 hours ago.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Shows off Bitcoin Lightning Network Node

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey have recently shown off a recently received Bitcoin Lightning Network full node he got from Casa, further showing the entrepreneur’s commitment to the flagship cryptocurrency and its layer-two scaling solution. The node Jack Dorsey showed off on Twitter is one being sold by Casa for $300, that already comes with a gold membership on the company’s platform, and is already pre-synced to make it easier to set up.

Serious U.S Retailer Gets Rid Of Visa Payments, Is Looking at Bitcoin Lightning Network

Smith’s food and drug stores will no longer accept Visa Inc’s credit cards, according to Kroger Co. The reasoning behind the statement is that the fees are too high. Kroger Company is a major one in the United States of America. According to their website, they have nearly 2800 stores in 35 States and annual sales of more than $115,3 billion. However, not the whole company will disregard the Visa. It is their Smith’s Food and Drug stores that will no longer accept the credit card company. Kroger’s smith’s consist of 134 stores across seven states with over 20,000 employees. The company argues that the fees Visa have are excessive.

“Visa has been misusing its position and charging retailers excessive fees for a long time. At Smith’s, Visa’s credit card fees are higher than any other credit card brand that we accept.” Said Kroger Chief Financial Officer Mike Schlotman.

Breaking News: Coinbase Data Breach Was the Reason They Bought Neutrino

Coinbase’s Director of International Sales admits in an interview that the reason Coinbase bought Neutrino was that their ‘current providers were selling client data to outside sources. It was compelling for us to get control over that.’ This revelation was shared in an interview on cheddar.com dated 01/03/19. A question was asked about the recent Coinbase acquisition of Neutrino, blockchain analytics start-up. There has been controversy surrounding Neutrino’s founding members as they used to work for Hacking Team. Hacking Team is an Italian based surveillance software developer who has been caught selling spyware to governments such as Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

Utah Senate to Debate Blockchain Task Force Creation and Business Incentives

Utah became the latest United States state to consider special treatment for blockchain in a bill set to be heard today, March 4, concerning the definition of the technology. First presented by Republican senator Daniel Hemmert on Feb. 25, the “Blockchain Technology Act,” also known as Bill 0213, aims to exclude blockchain businesses from money transmitter compliance obligations.

“This bill […] defines and clarifies terms related to blockchain technology [and] exempts a person who facilitates the creation, exchange, or sale of certain blockchain technology-related products from Title 7, Chapter 25, [of the] Money Transmitter Act,” the text of the bill reads.

Gulf Region’s Burgeoning Renewable Energy Sector Should Leverage Blockchain, Experts Argue

Blockchain can make the infrastructure of new renewable energy markets across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) more secure, resilient and cost-efficient, experts from United States-based tech consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton have said. Middle East business news site Al Bawaba reported the news on March 4. The GCC — a regional political and economic union that includes all the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, except Iraq — reportedly aims to install 80 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity across its six member states by 2030, set to account for over half of the union’s existing conventional capacity.

Ledger Devs Post Warning About Monero Client After User Reportedly Loses 1,680 XMR to Bug

The Ledger developers team posted a warning on Monero’s (XMR) subreddit on March 4 advising users not to use the Nano S Monero app. Apparently, a bug associated with the app had been discovered when, earlier today, user MoneroDontCheeseMe posted on Reddit a claim that he or she believes to “have just lost ~1680 Monero [around $80,000] due to a bug.” In the account, the user stated that after transferring about 0.000001 XMR from the Ledger to a view-only wallet, the user sent another 10, 200 and then 141.9 XMR.

Taiwan’s Financial Watchdog to Establish STO-Related Fundraising Mechanism This Year

Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) will establish a new fundraising mechanism based on security token offerings (STOs), according to an article published by financial news outlet Taiwan Economic Daily on Monday, March 4. The FSC, an independent government agency subordinate to the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), has revealed plans to adopt an STO-related fundraising mechanism. A symposium aimed at listening to the opinions of the industry’s practitioners on the issue is scheduled for the end of April this year, with plans to formulate relevant issuance standards and norms by the end of June 2019.

Bahamas Central Bank Announces Key Tech Providers for Upcoming Digital Currency Pilot

The Central Bank of the Bahamas has announced its key collaborators for the development of a digital fiat currency system in the island country, according to an official document released on March 1. Called “Project Sand Dollar,” the new initiative intends to provide equal access to digital payments capabilities, reducing cash transactions and service delivery costs. The pilot also aims to improve operational efficiency and overall financial inclusion in communities across the Bahamas.

Monero: Wallet Bug Potentially Enables Exchange Hacks, Team Prepares Patch Release

A bug in the Monero (XMR) wallet software that could enable fake deposits to exchanges has been recently brought to public attention through a Medium post, published by the official Ryo (RYO) account on March 3. According to the post, an email reportedly sent to the Monero-announce mailing list warns exchanges and service operators using the coin that the Monero Vulnerability Response team received a disclosure concerning a vulnerability. The vulnerability consists of the mishandling of outputs in coinbase transactions (the first transactions in a block, always made by miners).

Russian Railways to Consider Blockchain Use for Users of Discounted Transport Services

Russia’s national pension fund is settling an agreement with Russian Railways to use blockchain for tracking transport passengers that qualify for discounted services, Moscow-based news agency Rambler News Service (RNS) reports on March 1. Anton Drozdov, the head of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, revealed that the state-owned fund is expected to close the deal with Russian Railways, a government-owned freight and passenger train services company, sometime in 2019.

Bitcoin Early Adopters Build Seasteading Home off the Coast of Thailand

Interest in cryptocurrency is often interlinked with a passion for personal freedom and a desire to shape the future for the better. A recent example of this is a team of Bitcoin early adopters who are building a seasteading home off the coast of Thailand.

Bahrain Courts Indian Crypto Businesses in Collaboration With Government

The Bahrain Economic Development Board is inviting Indian firms to take advantage of the opportunities its country has to offer including for crypto businesses. The board has been collaborating with the Indian government on many issues. The Central Bank of Bahrain recently published its final rules on crypto assets.

Startup Company Sets up Bitcoin ATM in Botswana

Express Minds Ltd has set up a bitcoin automated teller machine (BATM) in Gaborone, Botswana, increasing the number of the devices on the continent to 10. The fiat-to-crypto machine allows users to purchase bitcoin by scanning a QR code for their wallet address, feed money into the machine and get the crypto equivalent automatically assigned to their wallets.

Venezuelan Government Launches Crypto Remittance Service

The government of Venezuela has begun offering a cryptocurrency remittance service. Remittances can be sent using two types of cryptocurrency. The service was launched by the Superintendency of Cryptoassets and Related Activities, the country’s chief crypto regulator, which has also set a monthly limit and a commission per transaction.


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