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Today we will analyze Kamagames Token Sale. Although this review is not paid one, I am one of the Advisors of this Project. Through my analysis of projects such as these, I have always been honest to my readers, no money can buy that, I explain this just so we are all clear about my objectives.

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KamaGames was established back in 2010 and currently they employ more than 250+ people around the world. They have offices in London & Dubai along with their main HQ at Dublin.


Source: Website

As the CEO says, this Token Sale is not for raising funds. Which if any other company says, I would have many questions. But for this one, I begin to understand why.

Reason: Last year their revenue was more than double the amount they are raising in this sale. Also, their estimated valuations sits around the $500M+ mark [multiples of the value of this token sale]. Which clearly says that they are not looking for funds, but then what? Read on to find out, it is really interesting.

Why a Token Sale?

So why would a company do a Token sale when they don’t need to raise funds?

They are using the blockchain mainly as a way to test the waters using this new tech as well as it being a tool for marketing their product in the industry. They came accustomed with the topic when they began receiving requests from there players if they could accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment in their games.

Utility or Security

The token sold by KamaGames is a utility token which allows the holders of the token to get chips which they can use to play in their Apps.

The token provides no voting or other security rights to the token owners. KamaGames Tokens (KGT) can only be exchanged for chips but there’s no way to exchange chips for fiat money or back to KGT provided by KamaGames.

KamaGames however will not interfere with the token holders intent to use the token in any way after the public sale is ended. KamaGames don’t intend to pursue any exchange or so to list their token in the market, though they have no control over how you decide to use your KamaGames Tokens (KGT) after purchasing and receiving them.

Benefits for KGT holders?

There are countless benefits to the people who decide to purchase KamaGames Tokens.

The first is the fact that the exchange rate of KGT to Game Currency increases at an incredibly high rate of 25% every month [for the first 36 months], that means by doing nothing, by simply holding on to your KGT, the value is rising at a massive rate.

Secondly the token holders will get several in-game free chip bonus’, effectively meaning you can play for absolutely free, games where you would normally have to spend money at some point [this is along with many other discounts and bonus’ given to KGT holders].


Source: Presentation

This is where things really get interesting. Till now I have worked with projects which have prototypes or alpha or at the highest a beta product. But then comes KamaGames which have been in business for almost ten years! And have actual usage of their product (apps) with some of the apps getting more than 10Million+ Downloads! (Proof)

Multiple games from them are published in Google Play, Apple Store, etc.

Source: Google Play
Source: Apple Store

Thus, even before the launch of Token Sale, you can try and get familiar with the interface offered by KamaGames and you can believe the possibility through KamaGames in the future with new apps promised from their side.

Their flagship product titled “Pokerist” was #1 app in App Store across 100+ Countries! Along with being in the top 5 apps in Google Play (or Play Store) across 40+ countries!

Team & their experiences

Source: Website

At this point, it is not at all necessary to talk about the team. Why? Because I think their years of hard work talks about everything.

It is not easy for a company to stay afloat these many years let alone be profitable along with keeping their high standards (All their apps have a rating of 4+) in a competitive field like in the Social Casino market.

Social Media Activity & Engagement

Source: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Their social media followers are not paid or bot accounts. They are real followers which were built with time and loyalty to the brand and the Apps.

If you check each post in these social media, you can find 100s of interested people liking, sharing, etc.

This is what a company requires which are in this field to have growth. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways of marketing, and in the internet age, the liking and sharing is one of the most obvious forms of word of mouth.


I wouldn’t suggest you to buy the token of this project just because I am an advisor, but because of all the positives of this exciting project. Therefore, I would like to ask you to consider the below points:

  • Launched in 2010 , and still growing and innovating today
  • Already an incredibly profitable business [In 2017, KamaGames’ gross revenue was $57.5 Million]
  • The team has extensive experience in this field
  • Product, not MVP has been tested and rated 4+ across all mobile platforms out of 5
  • No Token Allocation for Team
  • A very active and supportive community and player base of well over 105 million active users

And if you think that the above points do not attract you to buy this token, then I do not know what will.

But please note that there is only a few weeks of this token sale left as I write this and tokens are quickly being sold!

To buy KamaGames Tokens right now go to this page:

And for more information about the token sale visit this website:

Please let me know if you want to see more parameters to be added to my analysis or want to give me some tips or want to correct me on my findings or even want to share some secret regarding the companies I would be writing in time.

The above was just an analysis for those who want to spend less time finding about any projects. But please don’t consider this as an investment advice.

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