Waves Weekly

Waves Weekly 11th November 2019

The latest news in the last week about Waves are shown below:

Waves Dex to Waves Exchange

Waves Dex to be spun off as a separate company and renamed as Waves Exchange. All current components – including blockchain, mobile apps, matcher and gateways – will be unified, creating a hybrid product that will combine the best features of centralized solutions with the security of decentralized ones, also adding new services. To read more click here.

Tokenomica streamlines processes for your Business

Tokenomica’s solution could help streamline the process of raising capital benefiting both companies and investors. Find out more about it here.

WaveFlow – New Member to the Waves Family

Meet WaveFlow, an exchange platform where the exchange rate is self-regulating and liquidity of tokens is constant. Everyone can both exchange tokens and easily create an automated exchange, earning fees. See how it works here.

Waves & The Abyss Giveaway

Waves and The Abyss are launching a 30-day Chain Warriors marathon with 15,000 $WAVES prize pool! The marathon will be running till Dec 7, 2019. Enjoy the game and win prizes in multiple nominations! More info here.

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The Waves Team is hoping you can help us with the answers to these fundamental questions. Feedback from the community guides and determines the ongoing development of the platform.

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