Waves Weekly

Waves Weekly 18th November 2019

The latest news in the last week about Waves are shown below:

Waves dApps now listed on DappRadar!

Waves dApps are officially here on DappRadar, the leading analytic source for decentralized applications data! With dApps’ popularity growth, we thank DappRadar for the opportunity to demonstrate Waves dApps to a broader audience.

See and track live dApps built on Waves in real time!

Official Go Implementation of the Waves Protocol Released

Up to this point, the only node software available for the Waves Platform has been written in the Scala programming language. This is less accessible than other languages, and has a high entry threshold.

To make it easier for more developers to understand how the node works, we have implemented an alternative version of the software, written in the Go programming language.

Waves Workshop at Edinburgh

Hello Edinburgh! Next Thursday, we’re running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing smart contracts in your city!

All participants will receive a Web3.0 development certificate saved immutably in the Waves blockchain.

Learn more details and book tickets here.

Waves Enterprise v1.0

Waves Enterprise v.1.0 sees a number of key improvements. These include measures to increase security to the levels required by enterprises, containerized smart contracts, greater speed, stability and throughput, an updated API and a better UI.

Additionally, the total supply of WEST tokens has now been reduced from 1 billion to 400 million.

Waves Meetup Christmas Edition

Hey friends! 2019 is almost at the end… but not before we celebrate it with the Waves Community!

We’re pleased to invite you to the Waves annual meetup with great talks, announcements on what we are doing in 2020, networking and a Christmas party to end the day!

More info here.

See you in Berlin!

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