Waves Weekly

Waves Weekly 9th December 2019

The latest news in the last week about Waves are shown below:

Waves DEX has moved to Waves Exchange

Dear users! We have moved! Trading operations at Waves DEX are now terminated (excluding migration). All exchange services will become available right after the Waves.Exchange launch. The launch is expected to be complete by last 3rd December 2019.

Also, we should remind that there’s the new Matcher URL now.

Waves.Exchange team hopes you will enjoy trading on our platform and wish you profitable trades!

Support Merry Merkle at Waves/DoD Christmas Meetup

As Christmas is the time of year for giving, we are thrilled to support the Merry Merkle initiative this year. Last year they did some amazing things & we look forward to see what they do this year too.

Fairwell Party for MRT

We reveal the mechanics and rules of the games in our Farewell Party for MRT, a sixty-day competition in which MRT holders will be able to win prizes totaling 70,000 WAVES.
The competition starts on December 4.

Find out more here.

Waves Annual Meetup 2019

For the lucky people coming to our Christmas Meetup (https://wavesmeetup.com/) next week, the next fabulous guest is Cassidy Daly from Centrifuge who will join the panel of DeFi experts discussing how supply chain meets decentralized technologies.

Meet awesome Zoe Adamowicz, CEO & Co-founder of Neufund, who’ll also join the upcoming DeFi panel.

Also, excited to announce that Billy Rennekamp from
Cosmos will be our guest speaker to deliver a keynote on interblockchain communication.

Make Your Vote

The voting period for changing Waves’ block reward size is approaching.

This will start on 9 December and last for one week. Current reward is 6 $WAVES. Block generators have to make a choice for emission: increase, decrease, or leave it unchanged.

Read how to do it below ⬇️

Learn about voting for block generation here.

Read about how to configure your node here.

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